In His Sails by Tabitha Levin

cover-inhissailsWe are thrilled to publish author Tabitha Levin’s newest story: In His Sails.

It follows the story of twenty two year old Mia Bennet, who is forced to go on holiday with her family and is feeling alone and frustrated. Until she meets the sexy David Carlton, that is. Then she’s quite happy to be where she is for the rest of the two weeks.

We absolutely loved the relationship between Mia and David. Who wouldn’t want a hunky Aussie lifeguard as a holiday fling? We know we would.

Tabitha wanted to experiment with a shorter form and has recently written two novella length works – The Brute and In His Sails. This book is 17,000 words long (approximately 70 printed pages).

We encourage Ms Levin to continue with her artistic freedom in writing whatever length she likes, although we are particularly excited about her next work which will be a full length novel – due out at the end of October.

In His Sails is Ms Levin’s twentieth publication with TE Publishing, and we look forward to many more books from her. She is a talented writer who is growth over the past two years has proven that she is capable of amazing work.

It is currently available on all major retails as an e-version (print coming soon).



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